Monday, November 7, 2011

Bless this house Our Lord

So we wrapped up another investigation recently of a home being occupied by a very nice couple. They had been experiencing "Uncomfortable Feelings" up to the point that they did NOT want to sleep in their own bedroom. During the investigation we did have one or two legit experiences. When all was said and done, we came across evp's with a female and a male voice. No anger, no vulgar or even a get out. You can almost say they were shy. During the analysis, we mention to the couple that it's there home and let everyone know in the hone know that. They did just that. They also had it blessed. Two weeks later when we cane back, things were calm. So calm that they went back to their bedroom upstairs. To me they did two things right, took control of the situation and blessed the house. I think every new home should be blessed. Start off the new place with god on your side. Can't hurt none..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

History's Past

If you have a love for history, then your going to love being a paranormal investigator. Knowing the past and how people lived say a hundred yrs ago compared to how we live now is interesting enough. Even the architecture such as the Victorian age of homes were, and are still beautiful. Countless people passing through and leaving impressions.. some good and some bad.
When ghost hunting, you never know what you might draw up from the past.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Your not alone

As an investigator and owner of Ghost Explorers, I take pride in my work. I show professionalism and great customer service at all times. Clients are trusting me, a complete stranger into their home an investigate activity claims.

When all is said and done and with permission, I like sharing and telling there story. You will notice we put a's much details in the little space we can. We want potential clients to see this, read it and let them know that they are not alone or crazy. That others are are experiencing the same as they are.

Just remember, your NOT alone out there..

Monday, October 10, 2011

The sounds we hear

During our investigations, we come across many sounds. So, because of possible noise contamination from the outside, we try to note this so we can go back to it during our review process. Many times we will hear a sound or an unintelligible voice during our Q&A. Now even though we can't full understand what is being said, you have to view it as sound being injected to the environment at that time that normally wouldn't be or can't be explained. Just because you can't understand the spoken words, doesn't mean it's not paranormal. Everyone what's to hear a clear spoken word(s) being recorded. That's not always going to be the case. It's what you hear and when you hear it is what's important.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Listening is good

A lot of times we will get emails or calls from people who don't want us to investigate but, just want to tell there experience to someone.

To us thats fine. We like to listen to experiences as well as investigate. We also know that it's not easy to tell someone what only you have experience. Either they will think your crazy or just make fun of the situation you are in.

So with know one to turn to, this can put a lot of stress on someone which will just add to an already bad situation.

When we tell people that we are here to listen anytime, it's like the whole world has just been lifted off their shoulders. They can let it all out. Finally someone can relate and understand what they are going through. And in the end, they are a much better person.

It's all about the THEM, the client. And helping them even if it means just listening and not investigating.

Have I mention not only are we great investigators but, we are good listeners just as well.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Unexpected Failure

Before an investigation is conducted, all pieces of electronic equipment is checked 2-3 days in advanced. I make sure everyone is working properly the way it's supposed to be. Batteries are also checked and changes out.

All is well till day of investigation- at least you think it is. For example, those battery's you changed out all of a sudden go dead in the middle of your investigation. Defective battery's to begin with? maybe. But it's frustrating knowing that you might have missed something very impotent worth capturing.

The constant static I'm hearing on our recorder during our recent investigation is annoying. It muffles out the whispering voice makes it hard to know what is being said. The Infra-red camera capturing to much light names viewing seem blurry or foggy.

These malfunctions really get me pissed off. I feel like we wasted our time and effort. The only good thing about this is that we don't just count on one or two items. Our equipment is scattered in key places through out the location in case one piece of equipment fails.

It happens but, I try really hard to keep my emotions in check!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Investigating Goals

Many people start out wanting to investigate the paranormal because of a past experience or because it looks cool and fun. Eventually they all come to the same conclusion of why they are doing it, because they want to find the Truth!

For me personally? My goal has always been to figure out a way to actual have a two-way communication with the other-side. For the most part it's a one way conversation. The UEP's magically appear on our recorders.

Well, though science & technology I want figure out how to tap into that so that I can have that two-way conversation.
It's a L O N G shot but, at least it's a goal that is actually doing something to find the so called REAL Truth.

So what's your Goal? And how are you really making a difference?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

First EVP field experiment

So during this past Monday's investigation at a Historical location, we brought in some special equipment to monitor a certain frequency range. During the evp sessions we did not pickup any patterns on our scope. Since we are still reviewing our evps, we don't know if it was a success or a first attempt failure. Once we are done, we will evaluate the data and see what needs tweaking.

Stay tuned!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

The TRUTH we shall seek!

In the past 5 yrs of paranormal investigating my wife and I have gotten no where closer to the real TRUTH of Spirits and or Ghosts. We have investigated and collected many class A audio recordings. As amazing as the voices are, I can honestly say that I do NOT know how they got there and that i can say that they are spirits talking.

Now some groups will come out flat and say they ghosts or spirits. They can say that because what else CAN it be? Well that's where I like to separate myself and my Ghost Explorers teammates from the DOCUMENT ONLY teams. Meaning that's all they do. No research into the How's or Why's of what they are getting.

In the past year I have been working on putting a theory to work. For me to do this, I needed to find the person to lead me there. Meaning someone who can take my ideas and create what I need to test my theory. Well I did find that person here in silicon valley.

What was created from my vision was a High Frequency MIC created to work out of a designated frequency range. It is within this range that we are hoping to discover what we have been recoding but, unable to hear during evp sessions. I am aware that it's a long-shot. I'm also aware that my research and field tests are not something that will give results immediately.

This is a LONG term project but, it is one that can shake up the paranormal field if it succeeds.

Ghost Explorers

A whole New look

In the next few weeks or sooner. You will be seeing a whole new web page. It is currently being worked on. We hope you will like it. Over the years I have tried to maintain it but, it is just getting to much for me to do. Im also debating if im going to keep posting the investigation results.

My main purpose at the time was so others who were having paranormal issues could read our report and see that they were not alone or crazy. That there are people like us who will listen to what they have to say without making judgement.

The problem I have today is that im afraid our reports are being used for people who write ghost stories books without our permission. I can't prove it but, i just have this feeling. My wife puts a lot of time into these reports not to be used for someone Else's monetary gain.

A house full of guests

Hi everyone, this is Anthony. The founder of Ghost Explorers.

In February of this year we did an investigation at a home that seemed normal in every way- at least we thought it did. Before we started setting up our equipment, I had laid down our recorders and turned them on. Little did we know that we were not the only ones in the room. We had company. We played back the recorders and immediately had recorded unknown voices.

We had multiple voices of males and females. Even ones with accents.. and that was just during the 45min. setup time. There's one thing though that really troubled me and was witnessed by my teammates. While watching the monitor, one of the four cameras on the screen moved. We all saw it move but, during the review process the next day, I couldn't find it. It didn't show up on the payback. I know it was recorded because the cams are always set to on-record.

To this day I scratch my head wandering why it didn't show up. All was not loss though. The evp's we recorded were many. The home owner was stunned to hear this clear class A evp's. They knew they had something going on but, they jut didn't realize they would have more than one guest in the home.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello 2011!

Well here we are in a new year, which means new investigations. It means the chance to start fresh and obtain a whole slew of spots to explore. One thing GE always doing is scouting out locations, we have to do this constantly as it is pretty hard to actually get a location. Most people that contact us, readily tell us they have a spirit or spirits that are scaring them.

You would think most people would be so ready to invite us in. On the contrary, most people are worried we will only increase the activity. That once we leave they will be left with a riled up spook. We have yet to see an uptick in activity after we investigate. In most cases the activity quiets down and stays quiet for a time. It truly depends on the type of haunting. We also try to advertise the fact that we can refer to someone who can assist with removal or "cleansing" as its called. Assisting to help cross the spirit to the other side, and be with friends and family.

Some of our contacts are mediums that can speak to the spirits and determine what it is they are needing. Once this is determine and acted on, usually the spirit can rest. If you are considering asking for help, do it - don't be afraid. I think many people are just tainted by the Hollywood Horror scene that has placed the notion that "all ghosts are bad" in our heads. A ghost was once a living person. They had friends and family and a job, a house - basically they had a life. They should be treated like the person they once were. Not like some horrible demonic monster. They just don't have their body anymore and its hard for them to communicate. They have to be creative. That's why I say, if you are thinking about using our services - again ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE! Just do it. You will find out so much in such a short time. You will also help Ghost Explorers reach their goal. Helping those that need answers. It's a new year, time to find out what's really going on. -Lydia G