Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Unexpected Failure

Before an investigation is conducted, all pieces of electronic equipment is checked 2-3 days in advanced. I make sure everyone is working properly the way it's supposed to be. Batteries are also checked and changes out.

All is well till day of investigation- at least you think it is. For example, those battery's you changed out all of a sudden go dead in the middle of your investigation. Defective battery's to begin with? maybe. But it's frustrating knowing that you might have missed something very impotent worth capturing.

The constant static I'm hearing on our recorder during our recent investigation is annoying. It muffles out the whispering voice makes it hard to know what is being said. The Infra-red camera capturing to much light names viewing seem blurry or foggy.

These malfunctions really get me pissed off. I feel like we wasted our time and effort. The only good thing about this is that we don't just count on one or two items. Our equipment is scattered in key places through out the location in case one piece of equipment fails.

It happens but, I try really hard to keep my emotions in check!

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