Sunday, August 23, 2009

Investigation Updates!

In July and August we did two investigations. One was local in the town of Pleasanton, ca and the other in San Juan Bautista, ca.

Both cases involved apparitions so it made for good investigations.

We are still waiting to review both cases with the owners. Since it is "our policy" to NOT reveal any info regarding cases before reviewing with clients, we can not give details or post evidence on how both investigations went.

As soon as we get the permission we will post the information.

For now we are scheduled to investigate a california lighthouse at the end of august.

Stay tuned ...


Ghost Explorers!!

In case you haven't notice, we have changed our name from Bayside Paranormal Society to "Ghost Explorers. So why did we do this? This idea was mine-"Anthony" the founder of Bayside.

In the beginning it seemed right and natural to use the name Paranormal Society but, even then I always thought the name was to long and vague.

So why do I say vague? because paranormal encompasses so many things that are paranormal.

I have no intention of investigating UFO's, Bigfoot or other such paranormal activity.

Our mission statement from the beginning has always been to help those deal with whatever might be causing paranormal activity in there home or business- in this case spirits and ghosts.

We are Ghost Explorers.. the name says it all.