Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello 2011!

Well here we are in a new year, which means new investigations. It means the chance to start fresh and obtain a whole slew of spots to explore. One thing GE always doing is scouting out locations, we have to do this constantly as it is pretty hard to actually get a location. Most people that contact us, readily tell us they have a spirit or spirits that are scaring them.

You would think most people would be so ready to invite us in. On the contrary, most people are worried we will only increase the activity. That once we leave they will be left with a riled up spook. We have yet to see an uptick in activity after we investigate. In most cases the activity quiets down and stays quiet for a time. It truly depends on the type of haunting. We also try to advertise the fact that we can refer to someone who can assist with removal or "cleansing" as its called. Assisting to help cross the spirit to the other side, and be with friends and family.

Some of our contacts are mediums that can speak to the spirits and determine what it is they are needing. Once this is determine and acted on, usually the spirit can rest. If you are considering asking for help, do it - don't be afraid. I think many people are just tainted by the Hollywood Horror scene that has placed the notion that "all ghosts are bad" in our heads. A ghost was once a living person. They had friends and family and a job, a house - basically they had a life. They should be treated like the person they once were. Not like some horrible demonic monster. They just don't have their body anymore and its hard for them to communicate. They have to be creative. That's why I say, if you are thinking about using our services - again ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE! Just do it. You will find out so much in such a short time. You will also help Ghost Explorers reach their goal. Helping those that need answers. It's a new year, time to find out what's really going on. -Lydia G