Monday, December 29, 2008

Why Do We Do It?

When I think about it, sometimes I don't have an answer. I am curious, I am intrigued. I want to know what will happen after my physical body dies. Many people try to tell me what happens. Give their opinion. That's fine. In this life, we only have so much time. I am very lucky to have found a partner in crime in this adventure, that fully supports and understands the curiosity. I have talked to so many people about ghosts. When we go to these meetups there is always someone who can't wait to share their stories. They are so relieved to tell someone, and tell their side of things. It's not like you can tell the person next door or a co-worker. It's not something everyone excepts or believes in. Why the hunting aspect? Why do we want to go into a situation what can be harrowing and just plain scary? I thought about it. When I was younger, I think it was just to feel the rush, the adrenaline. As I got older and my experiences broadened and my knowledge grew about this realm. I began to realize the best thing I could do for these indivduals having experiences is to listen. Let them tell me what they think is happening and maybe pull some of my knowledge into the mix and see how it goes. The people I have met doing this all have the same thing in common - they are tired of being afraid of being in their home or work and want answers or resolution to whats going on. I do this to help people. I dont do it to for money or fame. There are so many in this world who take advantage of people for their own gain or profit. I see that all the time. I will never do that. I want to experience and use the website to share the experiences with others. My hope is that someone will see this on the website and see that someone else out there had experiences and they wont be afraid to ask for help, and not be judged or laughed at. I still get laughed at-people that know what I do make fun. When all is said and done, I am happy with what I do. Not many people can say that. I also revel in the fact that I am open minded and not shutting my eyes to what millions of people all over the world have experienced. Laugh all you want, but rest assured. Someday you will most likely see, hear or feel something on the paranormal plane. I just hope you are able to make sense of it, and handle it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ghosthunters Episode - Clovis Ave Sanitarium

I wanted to kick this out there. Not that I disrespect the show, but I have been to this place. The episode aired on November 19th 2008. This place up until a few years ago was the areas biggest Halloween attraction. It was called "Scream If You Can." I was friends with a close friend of Todd Wolfe, the owner. Every year they would come by the thousands to see his attraction. I was able to take a tour of the place before it opened for business. Todd took us around to see the place. What I saw was thousands of dollars he had invested into the main house and the hospital wing (which since has been moved to another location.) He purchased top of the line Hollywood movie props and gadgets to create the scary atmosphere. He had many secret compartments/trap doors in the main house, as well as audio and broadcasting systems, primary used to transmit voices and music throughout the house when in use for the attraction. Now with that said and watching the episode, I think that its possible the items mentioned were still in use. Wolfe Manor will be the name of the "Haunted Hotel" Todd will be opening now in that location. I think the Ghosthunters episode will lend a great advertising to Todd's venture, don't you?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Private Residence San Jose 11-21-08

A quick little bit about this one. This investigation was pretty quiet. Most of the time when doing a place, we hear things we question. Some sort of slight confirm the claims are kosher. While in this home it was pretty uneventful. Upon review of the audio, we are starting to hear it was not as quiet as we first thought. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Influence of History on an Investigation

Most of the time when we do these investigations, the history of the location is hard to come by. I mean, we try to research land, census and county records - but usually dont come up with much anything. When doing this investigation in Livermore CA, the business was a 125 year old home converted into office space. The people working in it had a trickster on their hands, someone who liked to play with lights and alarms. They knew something was there.

Right before we started our investigation the owner presented us with an article from 1896. It told the story of a man who was renting a room in the house. The article noted he had attempted to end his life twice before - unsuccessfully. One morning when he didnt show up to open his downtown business, people were concerned. They werent surprised however given the track record when they found him in the house, near death from self induced strychnine poisoning..

So, with this information going into our investigation, makes it hard to think of anyone else who could be haunting this house. I mean, it was a painful death. I could only imaging his suffering. We do not know why he did it, but it was a desperate act. Now all that is in our minds is this man, his sould or spirit bound, he must be the one.. its tough doing an investigation with this in mind. Most of the investigators were pointing questions at him and pretty much making the case about him. Even I was, to an extent. I wont rule it out. However I want to think in a 125 year old home, there are many past tenants, and for all we know, they have a story too.

All in all, we did get quite a few EVP's with a raspy, male moaning "help" In the same we also have a cackling laugh on one, and one with a perfectly normal male tone. In my opinion, more than one spirit was occupying that house. We lost sight on that though, because of a story that influenced our minds, and closed our ears to the others trying to say their peace.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Get Out of My House

This house was only 4 years old. It had one previous owner and they had no trouble, at least none that was told to the agent. Who knows, would you tell anyone if you wanted to sell your home? When we met the current owners, as always you are a bit skeptical. I didn't know a thing about them. Were they for real? you always have to sit back a bit, listen to them talk and really analyze their personalities. In talking more to them, you see the sincerity and the utter confusion on what the heck is going on in their house. I can honestly say as soon as we set foot in the house, I felt panicked. I felt my heart race, and I couldn't explain why. Especially around the stairwell. During our EVP session, I could hear a womans voice yelling from upstairs. I couldnt make out what she was saying, but i heard something. In our review of those tapes, we could hear her, and it really made your stomach turn to know, this thing was aware we were there, and it didnt want us there.