Sunday, March 22, 2009

Answers to Nothing

I am almost finished up with some EVP's for another investigation. It has me thinking - how much resolution will we ever bring to a case? As an investigator you come across clients who keep having repeat events occur. Even though we have done our part - what does that offer them? I have been thinking about this recently as we are trying to help a client who's family is just done feeling unsafe in their home. They are basically waiting for the next time they are awoken by an alarm clock no one has set, or a TV that comes on without human assistance or hears disembodied convos. This makes me feel ineffective at times. I by no means ever claim to me a "mover" or have the ability to bring peace to a home. I stand as a person of science and technology - documenting what is going on. Letting people know - things we have captured on video and audio or the machines we use give us evidence something is there. What now? I am telling you, theres something here - you know that. Now what? The client either has to co-exist, or try to get rid of it. Either way its no easy task. We have referred people to individuals who have the power to move a entity, to help it find its path to wherever it should be. Sometimes this is met with resistance. It doesnt always leave. Most of the time it's telling us to go. Its a difficult thing, not being able to get rid of the ghosts. I wish I could offer more for the client. The people we have met in our journeys have been good people. Just looking for answers and someone who'll listen. I alway wish we could do more.