Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oak Knoll Cemetery - Livermore, California

I have always thought, why would a ghost haunt a cemetery? Thinking that we would haunt the places we wanted to be - or the place we met an untimely death. Not the place we were laid to rest. When we got that horrendous EVP of a woman saying in a hissing voice "Get Out" I felt so bad. Basically because something is there that wanted me out. It was a sound I wont soon forget. I never want to think someones not at peace - but this bothered me. They should have been here at rest.

When the group came back to investigate, we didn't really have any experiences there. I think myself and another investigator had the only documented one. We were doing a temp reading and documented a fluctuation from 56 to 38 degrees in a matter of a minute, then it rose back up to normal. Then about ten minutes later the same transpired, but this time it dove to 28 degrees then up again. The investigator and I both agreed we were being watched. From the evidence we would pull about 4 EVP's. Mostly just voices in our conversations that were not the group members. I believe all of them were male. It is just amazing to think we could be stuck hovering around our gravestone. Why? Is it because the state of the graveyard? It really makes you think.

Investigation 5/11/09

Second Investigation - Winchester Private Residence

We were asked to return to this location. The owner was still experiencing activity. Now they experienced the TV turning itself off (no timer was set) Also there were two separate alarm clocks, not set by the owner that went off not at the time indicated on the clocks - but at different times early in the morning. The family was also hearing various noises such as knocking and wrapping. The final came when the owners daughter experienced children's laughter and the bed shaking one night as she slept alone in her Mother's bedroom. It was after this they asked us to return. We came back armed with another local paranormal team. The investigation took us several hours. Overall the investigation was pretty quiet, the focus seemed to be in the master bedroom and we had a Tri-field meter flaring when questions were asked. I had an experience with the Daughter in the room, we both felt uneasy and the Tri-field began to respond as we asked who was here. Another event that took place was in the dining room. Again with the daughter was present and she mentioned she heard whispering in her ear. I asked "why it was here, and what was it trying to tell her?" Later in the review of audio I would get an answer to my question. A response of a soft male voice saying "That I am here" We cannot deny that there is some kind of intelligent haunting in this residence. Whom it is we cannot say. Maybe this place is a portal of sorts. Who can say for sure. The history of the land, and the doings of Sarah Winchester could have played a factor. She was known to call spirits to her home nightly. Who's to say they ever left. One thing is for sure, the family has been empowered. They have made the decision to take back the home. To let these things know, they cannot mess with the household any more. They have begun to understand what this can do. This is a great move. A positive direction. They are the living beings here, and will fight for property. I think this is key to living at peace with the entities. They need to know they cannot be there any longer and must move on, or be at peace. The living are here now. Bayside wishes the family best of luck in the future and keep us posted on any updates.

-Lydia June 2009