Monday, August 29, 2011

Listening is good

A lot of times we will get emails or calls from people who don't want us to investigate but, just want to tell there experience to someone.

To us thats fine. We like to listen to experiences as well as investigate. We also know that it's not easy to tell someone what only you have experience. Either they will think your crazy or just make fun of the situation you are in.

So with know one to turn to, this can put a lot of stress on someone which will just add to an already bad situation.

When we tell people that we are here to listen anytime, it's like the whole world has just been lifted off their shoulders. They can let it all out. Finally someone can relate and understand what they are going through. And in the end, they are a much better person.

It's all about the THEM, the client. And helping them even if it means just listening and not investigating.

Have I mention not only are we great investigators but, we are good listeners just as well.


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