Monday, November 7, 2011

Bless this house Our Lord

So we wrapped up another investigation recently of a home being occupied by a very nice couple. They had been experiencing "Uncomfortable Feelings" up to the point that they did NOT want to sleep in their own bedroom. During the investigation we did have one or two legit experiences. When all was said and done, we came across evp's with a female and a male voice. No anger, no vulgar or even a get out. You can almost say they were shy. During the analysis, we mention to the couple that it's there home and let everyone know in the hone know that. They did just that. They also had it blessed. Two weeks later when we cane back, things were calm. So calm that they went back to their bedroom upstairs. To me they did two things right, took control of the situation and blessed the house. I think every new home should be blessed. Start off the new place with god on your side. Can't hurt none..

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